Good Aligned, Daytime

The Villager is a normal person who goes about minding their own business until horrible Werewolf maulings at night force them to band together for protection, lest they become late-night dinner. With no special powers to protect them, the Villagers are scared, angry, and irrational in their frenzy over finding the Werewolves who hide among them during the day. They will blame anyone suspicious for being a Werewolf, and will likely hang the innocent during their search for the beasts. They can sleep safe at night only when all of Werewolves have been killed.

How to GM

A Villager is never called on, and has no special abilities. If all Werewolves are dead, the Villagers win.

Alternate Rules

There are no alternate rules for this card.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Strategies and Tips

A Villager is one of the harder cards to play, as they do not have access to any information on their own. Watch people's body language, and ask questions. Lying to pass yourself off as another friendly class is not always a good idea, but can have advantages. If you do lie, you may not want to pretend to be the Seer, or the Seer might come forward to counter your claim, exposing themselves to the Werewolves.

Charisma is the Villager's most powerful tool. A Villager who is good at lying, charming, or otherwise skillful at deflecting/placing blame will live longer than one who is clumsy or overly-aggressive.

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