Totem of Death

Not much is known about this totem - no one lives to tell about it. It exists only in myth and legend, appearing as a punishment for the wicked or simply unlucky. It is a herald of misfortune, and merely gazing upon this totem is enough to suction out the soul of the living. Like all totems, this enchantment is potent yet short-lived; its power exhausted, the totem mysteriously vanishes as night falls.

How to GM

The person granted the Totem of Death is killed that night unless they were protected by another villager. Do not reveal the Totem of Death or tell the village that the totem is what killed them.

After handing out the Totem of Death, keep track of it as you would track a kill by the Werewolves or Devil.

At the start of the Day Phase, when collecting dead bodies, collect the Totem of Death from the player along with their role. Do not let the player see the Totem of Death.

For a list of Totems and how they work, please go to the Totems page.

Alternate Rules

There are no alternate rules for this card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Witch or Bodyguard prevent the death from the Totem of Death?
Yes, the Witch is given a chance to save someone who was given the Totem of Death. The Bodyguard cannot protect someone from an evil lawn ornament.

The person that died from the Totem of Death keeps looking at their totem!
No! Bad! Spray them with a hose and tell them to be patient. It's usually obvious when someone was killed by the Totem of Death. When it's not obvious, it needs to be kept a secret from the village. Try picking up their Totem with their role card and telling them their cause of death away from the gaming circle.

What happens when a Totem expires?
The Totem cards are shuffled back together at the beginning of the next Night Phase so the Shaman always has a full set of 7 Totems to work from.

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