Cult Leader

Evil Aligned

The maleficent Cult Leader, spearheading its pack of fanatically loyal Cultists, works tirelessly night after night to further the goals of the Werewolves. The Cult Leader is so attuned to the dark forces swirling around those infected with the taint of lycanthropy that they can readily identify each other. This power has come at a terrible price - the Cult Leader no longer has enough sanity left within whatever is under that robe to recognize the Cultists they lead. One should take care not to underestimate the dangerous potential of the deranged Cult Leader. No one is sure what is going on under that mask.

How to GM

During the Identification Phase, after the Werewolves have been called and have identified each other, have them remain awake. Next, call for the Cult Leader to open their eyes, and have them identify their fellow Werewolves. When both the Werewolves and the Cult Leader have acknowledged each other, have those characters close their eyes.

- "Werewolves, keep your eyes open. Cult Leader, open your eyes and acknowledge your Werewolves."
- "Cult Leader and Werewolves, close your eyes."

During the Night Phase, the Cult Leader does not open their eyes when the Werewolves hunt.

Alternate Rules

Bringer of the Werewolf Plague
For an entirely different Cult Leader, try the following: When the Cult Leader dies, at the start of the next Night Phase, have them select any one person still alive to become a Werewolf and abandon their current role. Tap that player and make sure they open their eyes when the Werewolves are called next. They are now considered to have a Werewolf card for all game effects, but do not touch their role card as this can be disruptive. In this variant, the Cult Leader does not know who the Werewolves are; if they choose a Werewolf, then their ability is wasted.

If this alternate rule is being used during a No-Reveal game, the GM must call on the Cult Leader at the start of each Night Phase throughout the round. Ask for the Cult Leader, if he has died, to select a new Werewolf. This is done right after the Hunter call; make sure that the Hunter does not open their eyes if they are still alive..

- "Cult Leader, if you've been killed, please choose someone to become a Werewolf."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't the Cult Leader know who his Cultists are?
The Cult Leader has dabbled just a bit too much in the dark arts, and a side effect from working with such dark magic is a small loss of sanity, including the memories of who his fellow cultists are. Or something like that.

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Strategies and Tips

You are the ultimate sacrificial pawn. The Werewolves know you are lying when you lie, so you are not at risk of mistaken slaughtering. Counter the claim of the first questionable target, or call out your own claim at a pivotal moment. Be careful not to draw attention to the Werewolves, or make it seem like you are helping someone who isn't a Werewolf so that the village turns on them when his identity is revealed. Do not be afraid to die for the good of the Werewolves; if they win, you win as well.

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