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The Hunter is a special Villager who, in her last desperate self-defense measure, will kill the person she believes struck her down. Like the other Villagers, she is seeking out the Werewolves to destroy them. Her last arrow may or may not find the beast - it is up to her to choose.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Hunter open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Hunter.

When the Hunter dies and her card is revealed, the GM calls for a moment of silence while the Hunter chooses someone to die.

- "The Hunter has been killed! Everyone, please keep quiet for a moment. Hunter, choose someone to kill."

Alternate Rules

Alternate Hunter - Quicker Call (No-Reveal)
In a normal No-Reveal game (see below), the Hunter is given an opportunity to make a kill at the beginning and at the end of the Night Phase. When using this alternate rule, only grant her an opportunity to kill at the beginning of the night even if she was killed during the previous Night Phase. This will speed up the Night Phase some during a No-Reveal game. In these circumstances, the Hunter's kill can be prevented by the Witch, Bodyguard, or the Totem of Protection. The Mortician will see the Mark of the Hunter more often, but it will only appear if the death was not prevented or was performed by the Werewolf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hunter work in a No-Reveal game?
In a No-Reveal game (an alternate meta-rule where a player's card is not revealed upon death), the Hunter is given a moment at the start of the Night Phase to kill someone if she died during the previous day as well as given a moment at the end of the Night Phase to kill someone if she was killed during that night. This call must be made each Night Phase, even when the Hunter is not dying or even alive anymore. For the second call, the GM will want to give the Hunter a thumbs up if she died and a thumbs down if she did not.

- "Hunter, open your eyes. If you have died, please choose someone to kill."

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Strategies and Tips

Remember, the Hunter is on the side of the Villagers. She wins if the Werewolves are all dead, even if she's been killed. As such, it's more important to try and kill a Werewolf than to just blindly kill the person who accused you.

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