Unaligned, Wildcard

The Fool is either the wisest or most obtuse character, depending on how you look at it. The Fool's wit and sharp tongue allow her to make observations the other characters may feel are inappropriate or callous, but she gets the last laugh in the end when she is lynched.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Fool open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Fool.

If the Fool is lynched by the village during the day phase, the game automatically ends and the Fool wins the game. This can be a very suspenseful reveal and should be performed with a flourish, especially if the group doesn't know that there is a Fool in play!

Alternate Rules

Safer Early-Game
Allow the Fool to win in addition to the other winners if she was lynched on the first (or second) Day Phases. Your village should still feel bad for lynching the Fool, but it will allow the game to play out as normal and save a bit of time. This is helpful for large groups so they can avoid setting up all over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the Fool is killed by the Hunter or Witch?
You have a dead Fool. The Fool can only win if she is lynched by the Villagers during the day.

What happens if the Fool is one of the Matchmaker's Lovers?
If the Fool is lynched and has a Lover, then the Lover dies when the Fool is lynched. The game ends. The Fool wins, and her Lover does not win.
If the Fool is killed by any other means, the Lover dies as well. The game continues on as normal. The Fool does not win.
If the Fool's Lover dies, the Fool dies of a broken heart. The game continues on as normal. The Fool does not win.
If the pair live to the end of the game, the Fool and her Lover win in addtion to the overall winners.
Moral of the story: Don't date Fools.

What happens if the Were-Hamster is alive when the Fool is lynched? Does the Fool still win?
No! The Were-Hamster is a win usurper; he wins instead of the normal winners if he is alive at the end of the game. The Fool's lynching causes the game to end, and at this point, the Were-Hamster steals the win from the Fool. A wise Fool would wait until the Were-Hamster is dead before trying to get the village to lynch them.

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Strategies and Tips

Oh, where to begin. There is no one real strategy to the Fool. She wants to be lynched in order to win, so do whatever you wouldn't normally do, except do it without letting them know you're doing it on purpose. Pretend to make subtle mistakes here and there to make the Villagers suspicious of you. Don't be too aggressive or you may be killed by the Werewolves or by some other means.

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