Good Aligned, Nighttime

The Hierophant is a priestess-Villager blessed with divine sight. By channeling her ability, she can see the evil staining the hearts of her neighbors. While she is not gifted enough to pinpoint individuals who harbor wrathful desires, she can gain a sense of how the fight for the village and all who live in it fares against the march of the shadow. A Hierophant who is especially clever may be able to tease apart truth from lies with the aid of her blessing.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Hierophant open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Hierophant. Additionally, you might remind the Hierophant that she is a good character who is shown how many evil characters are still alive.

During the Night Phase, show the Hierophant the number of evil characters still alive via a signboard or hand gestures. Once she has acknowledged the number you have given her, have her close her eyes.

- "Hierophant, open your eyes. This is how many evil characters are still alive."
- "Hierophant, close your eyes."

Additional GM Notes: As the GM, it is your job to keep track of how many good and evil characters are still alive. Know your starting numbers, and subtract from each side as players are killed. Adding the dead cards to your phase card stack will make sure no one sees the elliminated roles, as well as allow you to count over how many of a certain allegiance has died. Remember that Evil-aligned cards always have a dark night-time background while Good-aligned cards have a daytime village background or a more purple moonlit night background.

Alternate Rules

Stronger Hierophant (No-Reveal)
Show the Hierophant the role card of the last evil player to die. This will let the Hierophant know if the village succeeded in lynching a Werewolf, which is a big help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with the Hierophant on a normal game?
While the Hierophant was designed for No-Reveal and Mystery Games, she can serve some degree of use in a larger game, particularly with cards like Gravedigger and Turncoat in play, but it is generally not recommended.

If there's a Fool or Were-Hamster in play, are they good or evil?
Any card with a Rainbow background is neither good nor evil, and they do not count towards the total for either side.

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Strategies and Tips

If the side of evil does not decrease when killing one of them after a double-claim (when two people claim to be the same unique card), let the village know the next day so that the other person can be lynched as they are likely evil.

It's your job as the Hierophant to make sure people are telling the truth. Beware of the Turncoat, as he can cause confusion in these numbers.

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