Chooses Alignment

The Turncoat is plagued by indecision - should he support the Villagers or the Werewolves? Which option is safer? Will the Werewolves spare him if they see that he is sympathetic to their cause? Will the Villagers murder him if they realize that he may betray them? Every morning, one less person comes to the town square. One less person leaves it every evening. The howling beomes louder every night. The Turncoat, terrified and confused, cannot set his mind on any one option for too long. What will he do?

How to GM

During the Identification Phase, have the Turncoat open his eyes and inform you of his choice of starting allegiance. Thumbs up for good, thumbs down for evil. Make a note of his choice.

- "Turncoat, open your eyes, and choose your allegiance. Thumbs up for good, thumbs down for evil."
- "Turncoat, close your eyes."

During the Night Phase, have the Turncoat open his eyes. Inform him of his current allegiance, and ask him if he would like to change his allegiance. If he gives you a thumbs up, swap it; if he gives you a thumbs down, it remains the same. If he just changed his allegiance and try and change it again on the next night, shake your head to try and silently inform him that he cannot swap again so soon. The Turncoat cannot change his allegiance on consecutive nights.

- "Turncoat, open your eyes. This is your current allegiance. Would you like to change allegiances?"
- "Turncoat, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Faster Setup
Start the game with the Turncoat on the evil side instead of calling him during the Identification Phase and letting him choose his allegiance. He can change his allegiance as normal beginning the first night.

Weaker Turncoat
When the Turncoat is killed, reverse his current allegiance. This can add a little extra spice to the game by giving the Turncoat more motivation to stay alive!

Random Allegiance
During the Identification Phase and subsequent Night Phases, instead of asking the Turncoat if he would like to switch allegiances, flip a coin to choose an allegiance for him. Inform him of this information each night. This is useful for groups who are stuck with a Turncoat who doesn't turn or a Turncoat that rarely wants to be evil.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Turncoat died, whose side was he on?
The GM does not announce the final allegiance of the Turncoat, and the dead may not speak. If you want to know, ask the Turncoat when the game ends. He wins or loses based on the side that he was on at the time he was killed.

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Strategies and Tips

As the Turncoat, you can choose your alignment freely. If things start looking bleak, you can switch teams and even switch back. It's up to you how you want to play this role. Remember that the evil team is all about bluffing and deception.

Try to not let the other players figure out that you are the Turncoat - they may want to kill you if they think you might be a liability to their side.

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