Good Aligned, Nighttime

The Mortician deals in death. Not causing it, but investigating it to learn of its dark secrets. Before the lycanthropy outbreak, he was but a normal Villager trained in the medical arts. Now he uses both his scientific eye and a touch of the arcane to examine the corpses of the fallen, examining their bodies and listening to their whispers in a way that only he can. He hopes to use this knowledge to prevent the rest of his comrades from experiencing similar fates.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, have the Mortician open his eyes and explain the different Mark of Death cards to him. Make sure he remains silent during this explanation and that you aren't giving any hints to where in the room he happens to be seated. Once he understands which card represents what form of death, have him close his eyes. Groups of players familar with how the Mortician works can skip this explanation. Optionally, exclude the explanation for the Marks that are not being used in the current game.

- "Mortician, open your eyes. Red means the Werewolves have made a kill. Green means the Witch used her poison potion. Purple means the Shaman created a Totem of Death. Blue means the Hunter died at the end of the previous day (No-Reveal only) and has made a kill. Yellow means the Devil has made a kill."
- "Mortician, close your eyes."

During the Night Phase, have the Mortician open his eyes and then show him only the Mark cards that have made a successful kill that night. Always state it plurally so that the rest of the village does not know when there have been a different number of deaths since there are still more night roles to go through.

- "Mortician, open your eyes. These are the causes of death for tonight."
- "Mortician, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Stronger Mortician
Show the Mortician the Marks one at a time, followed by pointing to the person that was killed by that type of death. For example, you would show the Mark of the Werewolf and then point to the person that was killed by the Werewolves. This provides the Mortician with a bit more insight into the strategies of players who are making successful kills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when two players target the same person?
In general, the Mark of Death with the most strategic value to the Mortician will be shown. This means that the Werewolf Mark will take priority over all other Marks of Death. Marks of Death with little to no strategic value to the Mortician have a lower priority. The ranking order is as follows: Werewolf > Witch > Hunter > Devil > Shaman.

Werewolf vs. Shaman - Werewolf takes priority.
Werewolf vs. Witch - This conflict shouldn't come up.
Werewolf vs. Hunter - Werewolf takes priority.
Werewolf vs. Devil - Werewolf takes priority.
Shaman vs. Witch - This conflict shouldn't come up.
Shaman vs. Hunter - Hunter takes priority.
Shaman vs. Devil - Devil takes priority.
Witch vs. Hunter - This conflict shouldn't come up.
Witch vs. Devil - This conflict shouldn't come up.
Hunter vs. Devil - Hunter takes priority.

The Witch should never come into conflict with another card. She is only going to be using her poison potion on a player who was not targeted by any other players.

What if the Werewolves targeted the Were-Hamster?
The Mark of the Werewolf card is not shown because there is no one dying from the Werewolves. If the Werewolf and another player target the Were-Hamster at the same time, the non-Werewolf Mark of Death will always be shown.

When is the Mark of the Shaman shown?
This mark is shown to the Mortician only when nobody else tried to kill the the player who got the Totem of Death. The Mark of the Shaman applies to both the Shaman and Crazed Shaman.

Can the Mortician be used in a normal game?
Yes, but it is recommended that most of the following cards also be in play along with the Mortician: Devil, Were-Hamster, Witch, Shaman or Crazed Shaman, and Bodyguard. The Mortician is best used in a No-Reveal Game but can provide additional clarification in a Mystery Game

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Strategies and Tips

Your job as the Mortician is to listen for people lying about things such as use of Witch potions, successful protections, or the claim of roles that aren't actually alive or in the game. As such, the Mortician is best used in an advanced group that frequently bluffs.

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