Evil Aligned

The Warlock is an evil Villager who supports the Werewolves with unholy spells. Using his dark magic, he places a Hex on one person a night. That person becomes too weak to use any special magical abilities that night, but fortunately for them, the morning sun dissolves the Warlock's Hex. The Warlock then Hexes his next victim the next night, as his magic is ineffective if used on the same person two nights in a row. He hopes to eliminate all of the Villagers while letting the Werewolves do the dirty work of night-time murders for him.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Warlock open his eyes so that you can confirm that he knows he is the Warlock.

During the Night Phase, have the Warlock point to someone to Hex. That person cannot use any nighttime abilties. The Warlock cannot Hex the same person two nights in a row. Make a note of who he Hexed, and if that person is someone that is called during the night, when you call them, place your arms in front of you in an X shape and read their script as normal. This will silently tell the person involved that they are Hexed and cannot use their ability.

- "Warlock, open your eyes and choose someone to Hex."
- "Warlock, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Stronger Warlock
Let the Werewolves know who the Warlock is. Call the Warlock at the start of the Identification Phase, then send him back to sleep. Next, call the Werewolves and point out the Warlock to them. Using this alternate rule, the Werewolves can try and subtly let him know that they are the Werewolves. This may help prevent him from wasting his Hex ability on allies. Remember that with this rule, the Werewolves know the Warlock, but the Warlock does not know the Werewolves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which characters are uneffected by the Warlock's Hex?

Short Answer: Werewolf, Stone Mason*, Hunter*, and Turncoat.

Long Answer: In general, he can Hex any singular character with a nighttime ability. Below are some special notes about cards that players ask about frequently. What do you think this is, a Frequently Asked Questions section?

Werewolf: The Werewolves are too powerful to be Hexed.
Stone Mason: If using an alternate rule where the Stone Mason is called at night, he cannot be Hexed. Remember, cards that are not called at night cannot be Hexed.
Hunter: She cannot be Hexed during a No-Reveal game.
Turncoat: He cannot be Hexed because of the nature of his ability. He is called before the Warlock to emphasize this.
Gravedigger: The Gravedigger is Hexable. Tap the Gravedigger to let him know that he has been Hexed and should not open his eyes during a future nighttime event.
Were-Gerbil: The Were-Gerbil can be Hexed. Since the Werewolves and Were-Hamster can't be Hexed, logically, the Were-Gerbil shouldn't be able to be Hexed either, but for game balance it's recommended that the Hex be able to affect her.
Seer or Scryer: If one of the two are Hexed, they cannot communicate with each other. Silently send the Scryer to sleep early and make sure that they do not try to communicate.

*Only applicable when using alternate rules or playing non-standard games.

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Strategies and Tips

It is more important to Hex a 'protection' character (like the Bodyguard) than the Seer. If the Seer and a protection card are revealed on the same day, Hex the protector so they cannot save the Seer.

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